Andirion is a magical world rich with history and ancient cultures. It was once the battleground for gods, it has been ruled by wizard-kings, invaded by aliens and conquered by men. Empires have risen and fallen, and the oldest cities are founded upon ruins from times long past. Scholars have claimed that the world itself is a nexus point, a crossing between the forces of order and chaos. For a hundred-thousand years it has known war upon war, some so destructive that the face of its lands have been dramatically scarred.

The Sundering

In 6097, on the continent of Antheria, there was another war that would alter the future of the world. For the third time in a thousand years, a wizard recovered Shadar’s Crown, a divine artifact that gave its wearer mastery over forces of darkness. Assuming the title of ‘Dragon King’, and bolstering his already significant power with these new legions, he waged his campaign to overthrow the empire and establish his own rule. A group of heroes recovered Eitvar’s Blade and attempted to slay the wizard. Using an ancient ritual, he fled to Andirion’s second moon, Karos, where the God Shadar had been imprisoned six-thousand years ago. The heroes followed him there, and in an epic struggled they slew the wizard, but in the fight the moon was sundered and Shadar was freed. The bulk of the moon remained in orbit, but pieces of it were cast into space by the release of cosmic energy.

The Cataclysm

In the year 6100 the prophecies began. Across the world, prophets, seers and diviners all began to proclaim that the end of the world was finally upon them. They claimed that the remains of Karos were returning and would soon fall from the heaven’s and destroy the world and all life upon it. The greatest rulers and magicians consulted with each other and concluded that all of the prophets could not be wrong, but with so little time to act something had to be done to save the peoples of the world. Many solutions were presented, but the two most popular alternatives were to either build vast underground sanctuaries, or to construct massive floating cities that would lift people into the skies. There were many empires across the world, but the most powerful and magical empire was the Mythian Empire. The Mythians had long been known to possess arcane secrets that allowed them to lift up huge floating fortresses, but no one had ever seen an entire floating city. Emissaries were sent to consult with the Mythian government, and the answer came back. Yes, they knew how to lift cities into the sky, but at a great price. Only the wealthiest cities could hope to afford this. The rest of the world would have to go underground, and the Mythians offered the means to build their sanctuaries quickly and to protect the occupants from the cataclysm. With only months to spare, the first cities were lifted into the sky, and even as the shards of Karos began to fall as prophesied, more cities were still rising. Death and destruction rained from the heavens. The oceans boiled, the polar caps melted, and the land erupted with fire and brimstone. The Cataclysm was so powerful that the energy it released soon began to tear away at the fabric of reality. By cosmic fluke or mad design, the strands that made up the world and everything on it began to fray, and holes began to open between Andirion and Shadar’s realm of shadow. Hundreds of thousands of Shadowspawn poured through the rifts and began to spread across the world rejoicing in the destruction. Whatever the Cataclysm did not kill, the Shadowspawn feasted upon. And so the world was cast into darkness.

Five hundred years later

It is now the year 6608, and the people of the sky cities have forgotten what life was like before the Cataclysm. A dark poisonous cloud filled the sky below the cities, called The Veil, denying the sky people all but fleeting glimpses of their former homeland. Passing through the veil has only lead to death from its deadly vapors, and those who have dared press through have never returned. The new society would likely have continued as they were for many years to come, but now a new challenge has arisen. In the city of Haalkitaine, formerly of Antheria and part of the Star Crown Empire, a worried city council is debating what to do. For over five-hundred years the city has been held aloft by ancient Mythian magic, but now the city is drifting, albeit ever-so-slightly. For the last few weeks, the city recruited emissaries and sent them out in sky ships to seek aid from the remaining mage councils and libraries scattered around the world. And on this night, the only son of Kerous Telivanni, a Ashiri sky captain, packs his bags. His father has been missing for months, and now Kaycian Telivanni intends to recruit a crew for his father’s old ship and then go out and find him. Across the same city, a young Stondari is tasked by his people to take up an ancient cause, and a certain brawny Tragarr is looking for a bar fight. And thus Fate begins to weave a new tale.

Sylvan Skies